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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy is energy that is not currently being used by the general public compared to common energy sources. Over the past few years technology for alternative energy has improved and more options are on the market than ever before.

The two basic and easy methods to make energy on your property is Solar power and Wind Power. Both of these methods are have become more popular as energy costs go up. Both Wind and Solar power are types Alternative Energy. Of course there are many more types of Alternate and Renewable Energy that I will be adding in this section. I’ll have a new page for every source. As technology improves and expands I will include those as they come along.

Much of the base information that I will provide comes from my months of reseach while writing my book “Renewable Energy Explained” which I have been selling online since 2009. Sometime this year I will be pulling it off the market to give away to my readers and those that opt-in to this site.

The biggest benefit of having your own power sources is that if you create more power than you use, most states are required to Buy Any Additional Power You Make that you you provide to the big power grid. So you not only save money, you can actually make money and expand and maintain your power production to make even more money.

The whole idea of the Alternative Energy Section is to provide my readers one place to find out what technologies are out there and how to implement them in your own home. This topic is vitally important for the future of our country and our world. The more you prepare now will improve your safety and security for the future.

Alternative Energy

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