Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

The power of the wind is a great force. This also make it a good source for wind energy. The power of wind mills have been used for centuries and are still used today. The Dutch have used them historically the longest time consistently.

America is still using the old wind mills for electricity. Well pumps are also powered by wind to fill water storage tanks for home use and irrigation for the crops. Some of the farm have used electric pumps out in the field but more recently these field pump have been transitioned to solar.

The most recent wind energy boom is now wind turbines that turn generators to create electricity that is stored in batteries. You see them popping up all across the country and the world. Many farmers are establishing CO-OP businesses, pooling their resources to build “wind mill farms” in the crop fields where is is too difficult to plow. Then they tie them all together into one power station which is connected to a grid between the farms. The excess power they do not use is transferred via meter into the local power grid and are payed by the power company for the extra power they produce. Basically their power meter run backwards and the electric companies pay them every month. What a great deal.

The problem for those of us that do not have that much land is that these huge wind turbines are much too large for a standard home installation. The cost is much more than we could afford also. However there are smaller turbines available which put out a much lower power level. These can be daisy chained together to power an entire household and more, but the cost is still pretty steep.

As the technology improves and people get used to the technology people who are handy with their tools come up with some amazing turbines themselves. They make their own turbines to make their own power.

If you are handy with your tools and can follow instruction the Green DIY Energy Guide provides the data for teaching you what you need to know (wind movements, turbine location, home power assessment, as well as, what you need to build the turbine and how to build the turbine) is all in the package.

Wind Energy is available almost anywhere in America unlike some countries. But included in the Green DIY Energy Guide is a wind map of the US so you can see how good your turbine will produce. There are some place better than others but it does not take much breeze for the turbines to work.

Wind Energy is not a far fetched idea at all. Less than 100 years ago only about 20% of America had power to their homes. Most of these were in the city. But farmers and homesteaders had wind mills for pumping water and making enough electricity for a few lights. This was much better than pumping the water by hand and reading by oil lamp or candle light.

If a major catastrophe hits America, power will be a huge commodity for ease of life. If you have your own power source you will be one of the lucky ones. What kind of catastrophe you ask. Well no one knows for sure, by solar flares will probably affect the largest area. Although the power grids are all interconnected….even with Canada, solar flares are real and hit the earth on a regular basis. It is just a matter of time. Personally I want to be prepared so I do not loose all my electrical power. Once my wind energy powered turbine is installed along with some solar energy for backup, I will not be without power.

Wind Energy

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