Go Green and Save Money

Go Green – Quick Money Saving Tips

Go GreenGo Green and save money while improving your environment. It very easy to upgrade your environment and save money by applying good common sense. This article explains simple techniques that you can follow to go green and save money all within your budget and at your own pace.

Converting your entire household to green technology all at one time is expensive. However, if you apply green technology as you need to replace an item, it is quite affordable and won’t sting your budget.

I suggest replacing appliances as the old appliances as they fail. For instance, if your toaster stops working correctly you are going to replace it. Just do an online search for the best “Energy Star” toaster that fits your needs. The cost for most energy saving appliances are at around the same cost for a no-energy saver models. Buying a replacement doesn’t cost you any more money, but every time you use it, you will save money.

As you replace all of your appliances in this manner you will soon be saving big bucks on your electric bill. Keep in mind that as you replace the larger items, such as refrigerator, freezer, heat pump, air conditioner, furnace, washer and dryer you save more and money. Older models use more energy, but new “Energy Star” models will save you more cash. Shop smart. Use common sense. If you don’t need an item any longer, don’t replace it. If you need an item, buy an Energy Star model to save money over the long term.

Go Green – Lighting

Go GreenSimply replacing light bulbs can save you a lot of money in the long run. Incandescent lighting is almost extinct due to government regulations. The governments idea to push florescent for replacement is worse for the environment due to mercury gases expelled upon destruction. However they were cost saving, produce less heat and lasted longer. When the technology was new, florescent bulbs were very costly, but after a few years the cost went down.

The basis of all digital lighting is the Light Emitting Diode or LED that was first used in digital electronics for lighting dials and switches on electronic devices. They are of course much smaller than the one shown in the photo.

LED’s are used for a growing number of solutions. Your LED TV’s use thousands of LED’s to give you the clearest pictures you have ever seen. Do you have a newer computer? Well most likely you have and LED screen. Then there are those amazing pictures we see on our cell phones and ipads. These little lights have changed the way we see things.

Go Green – Digital Lighting

Digital lighting (Light Emitting Diode or LED) is that latest technology. I am starting to replace all of my lighting with digital replacements.

While I saved money on my electric bill using florescent bulbs, digital lights use at least 50% less energy, saving even more money. Some of the digital bulbs do cost more money at the onset, but I expect those costs to lower as did the florescent bulbs when more are used.

Go Green – Digital Lighting Use Ideas

Go GreenDigital bulbs expel almost zero heat. You can actually hold on to a lit digital bulb without being burned. This will save you money when you are trying to cool your home. Go Green and don’t burn your hand when you need to change a bulb.

Digital lighting options are numerous for indoor and outdoor accent lighting. Under counter lighting for your kitchen or lights for closets and inside cabinets are just a few. The no heat perk is gives you many additional options for enclosed spaces.

Go Green-Interior – As I indicated earlier I am already replacing lamp bulbs with digital bulbs. The digital bulbs are in deed more expensive than the old technology. The good news is that from when I bought my first digital bulbs the cost has come down quite a bit. Also depending on the application, it make take some extra time finding the the right replacement for you.

Digital night lights are great to have anywhere you need a little light to see to get around your home at night. They use close to 0 watts of power, exude no heat and provide safety.

I love that dimmer switches and digital bulbs work great together. As a matter of fact I have purchased some dimmer switches to install at my retirement home. I am also going to install digital string lights under my kitchen cabinets on dimmers.

My room lighting in my great room is all dual 50″ florescent fixtures at the top of the side walls where the ceilings begin. I think there are a total of 8 fixtures that reflect light to the ceiling and down each wall. I am searching for the right digital fixture solution to accomplish the same result as a much lower cost. I may end up with a DC low voltage strip lighting system…but not quite sure yet.

AC converted through a transformer to DC for digital lighting is also a great idea for the high moisture area of a bathroom. So consider some great lighting techniques for your bathroom.

Go Green-Exterior – I combined solar technology with my exterior digital lighting. That’s right. by combining the two technologies I do not have electric bill costs for any of my outdoor lighting. Solar panels combined with power storage (batteries) and night, motion detectors work great. Once I set them up, there is no maintenance until the end of life cycle.

I have Solar/Digital flood lights for the garage, sides of the house and on my shed. I can go out at night from the house and walk 50 yards to the shed without even having to flip a switch. Yes they are very bright.

There are solar/digital sconce lights available for door lighting, pathway lighting, string lighting for out on the deck and many more options. Personally I love the idea of mixing solar and digital lighting together. It is just so convenient.

If you have a large covered porch like I do or a patio you may want to consider digital strip lighting. You can get different colored strip sections and combine them for a unique look or stick with white. They are low light and do not seem to attract night bugs. My neighbor turned me on to these and I am buying 60 feet of white light strips for my 60 foot deck of my log home. Maybe I’ll go green and buy green lights. lol

Go Green – Conclusions

There are many ways to go green around your home. Make commons sense solutions utilizing green technology where it makes sense in your life style. Replacing old technology when it fails with newer green technology can save you money. If you make smart choices and combines technologies, you can even save more money and actually make things more convenient for you at the same time. Take time to investigate green technologies and where you can use them around your home for projects.

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Recycling During Christmas


Recycling idea from Wil MaringI was reminded by a music friend of mine (Wil Maring) by a post she did this morning on Facebook. It was a simple little mention to recycle using previously used gift bags for presents. I thought wow this would be a good topic for a post, so here it is. Please check out her music and videos on You Tube. She is a great talent. Thanks Wil!

For those of you who have not heard Wil sing and play her music, you need to go to the You Tube site I listed in the first paragraph and listen to the words of her songs. Real words from real life. Easy melodic music and harmonies to listen to. I have many song favorites and even though I like some of her new songs, a couple of her older tunes I really like. She does a rendition of “Arkansas Traveler” with her own lyrics. When I watch the video I try to play along..but I can’t yet. 😉 Another of my favorite songs is her “Dance to the St. Anne’s Reel” that is a must listen. A lot of her music is on Wil Maring’s Facebook page.

Recycling – Donating and Purchasing Used Goods

RecyclingWhen I grew up, my parents were very thrifty. Having grown up during the great depression, they learned to use and re-use EVERYTHING. They did not throw anything away. As a matter of fact, when I visited back home, dad would have projects for me to do for him and many times we did not have to buy any thing at the store. We just shopped in dad’s garage. 😉

I grew up with 5 other siblings and I was in the middle. Needless to say I did not get very many new clothes, shoes, toys, etc. I guess it never bothered us as kids and even now I’m a big proponent of re-using everything and donating “lightly used” items to charity.

When both of my parents passed away last year, five weeks apart (together for 63 years), it was a difficult thing going through all the clothes, tools, windows, lumber, lawn mowers, and furniture from our home that we all grew up in (only home I knew) and from the cabin at the lake. I wish I would have rented a moving van for all that good stuff I could create projects from. All of us chose items we could use or that we had sentimental attachment to. But most of it we recycled by donating to various charitable organizations.

Charitable Organizations use thrift stores to obtain funding to help others. These recycling centers are often forgotten. Donations to these 501.c.3 organizations can provide tax credit receipts for deductions when you file your taxes. By donating or purchasing items you help the organization help others. You can’t go wrong by helping them out.

I support Red Cross, Salvation Army, local food banks, and animal organizations. All of them accomplish recycling items to help others. However, I help out a local charity in Harrison, Arkansas where I plan to move to this coming year.

Children’s Charity Ministry is a faith based community supported organization dedicated Recycling at Children's Charity Ministryto teach children to help other children. This is my favorite Recycling center. Two mothers started this organization only a couple years ago by starting a clothes closet for school children. It has now grown to providing needed clothing for the under privileged children, single mothers, families that have gone through tough times such as a home fire. They provide special items for kids going to prom who would not have the chance to go normally.

The one thing they need all the time is food for a back pack program for which they put meals together for students who would otherwise not get to eat over the weekends. In one year they’ve grown from around 800 meals per month to close to 10,000 meals per month….that is not a typo, 10K meals per month. They do so much good for the entire community.  Please think of them this season, go to the site and click the PayPal button to donate to their cause.

I support them with monthly monetary donations, I built and run their website and I donate items for the Thrift Store. That reminds me, I have a riding lawn mower to clean up and put a battery in for them….

Children’s Charity Ministry Interview

Recycling – Using Previously Used Wrapping Paper

RecyclingBe your own Recycling Center. Getting back to what I learned growing up, at Christmas our gifts normally were gifts of items we needed, like socks and underwear, pajamas and such. But even as children we were thought to open our packages with care (no just ripping them open for us) and fold the paper up for next year. Normally when we wrapped gifts for the following years we used the old paper for a bit smaller items. All the gifts looked just perfect under the tree. Of course there were always some bigger items that we had to use brand new paper for and that paper could be used for several more years on other gifts.

Recycling Using and Re-using Gift Bags for Presents

RecyclingUtilizing decorated gift bags for “wrapping” your gifts to others is a good idea to save time and money as well as help the environment. The invention of using these decorated gift bags for presents at Christmas, Birthdays, etc. was a terrific idea. Even better, if you purchase solidly built gift bags, they can be used over and over again.

My mother started recycling these bags almost immediately. Over the years our family grew and now mom and dad had their own kids, grand kid, great grand kids and great great grand kids. They always had gifts of some sort for each of us and most of them came in bags from recycling over the years. As a matter of fact two years ago I got a gift from mom and dad in a bag that I used for a gift to one of my sisters several years prior. Mom made ceramic items for many years which all of us hold dear to our hearts, especially now that both of them are gone. I look forward to passing these down to my son when I die. I have a great collection of Santa Clause’s she made from all parts of the world. It always amazed me that all of the packages the Santa’s were carrying had been painted with individual patterns as paper. Such detail for an 89 year old to accomplish. I’d go blind trying to do that.

With all of us kids wrapping for each other, can you imagine how much money we saved over the years by recycling our wrapping paper?

Jay Mueller | JayLynne Enterprises | Renewable Energy Explained


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Easy Ways to Prepare for Winter – Your Home

Prepare for Winter – Winter-Proof

Winter-ProofWinter-Proof – Winter is coming, and due to the economy and growing environmental awareness, many of us are pretty energy-conscious this year. Nonetheless, the prospect of winter-proofing your home can seem daunting – but there are easy and simple steps you can take to make your home more winter-proof without a complete overhaul. It does not have to be a big, expensive project. Here are some easy ways to keep out the cold out and keep in the heat. Continue reading

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Environment – Make Sound Decisions

Environment – Make Sound Decisions – WE JUST BOUGHT A NEW CAR!

Environment - Making Sound DecisionsMaking Sound Decisions for the environment was not even thought of when this truck was built. No, this is not our new car. Actually I would love this old truck to fix up and apply the new technologies that are available today. This old truck did not have a computer, fuel injection, disc breaks, probably no automatic transmission, no locking rear end, no alternator, no radial tires, no seat belts and no synthetic oils. All of these technologies were developed well after this truck existed.

The old truck probably got around 12 mpg. By applying even one of the technologies I listed the fuel mileage would go up. By using environmental sound decisions and applying all of them would drastically change the ride, stopping ability and overall performance of the truck. This would double the fuel mileage and provide much improved safety to the individuals riding in the vehicle.

Environment – Make Sound Decisions

My wife and I came to the conclusion that we needed a new car for traveling when we retire. Being we try to live our lives to lesson our impact on the environment, we of course were looking at environmentally friendly options. We believe that you do not have to go overboard going green. We just make reasonable, common sense decisions that makes sense for us financially and within our means. So make sound decisions with the environment. They are in play all the time for us. Continue reading

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Green Shopping 101

Green Shopping – Common Sense

Green ShoppingGreen Shopping is only using common sense to better health for your family. Using common sense is a must if you want to lead a green lifestyle. Always keep in mind to go green shopping for grocery your groceries as well as any other shopping you need to do. If you combine shopping for clothes and other item, then do your grocery shopping you save time and money by making only one trip into town instead of several trips. Here are some tips and suggestions for making your supermarket experience as green as possible. Continue reading

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