Useful Green Products

 Green Products all of us can use.

The GREEN PRODUCTS listed here are products that we personally have found to work and are well worth your hard earned dollars.  Each and every one of these products will help you  to apply green technology to your life and save you money.

I know these products are not free, but each of them are worth at least the listed price. The time to research and compile it into a product takes months, so I hope you can appreciate the authors endeavors to share the information. The sales pages will provide additional information you can use to make an informed decision about your purchase. So visit each of them and if you choose to make a purchase, I would like to hear how well you liked the product or not. Thanks!

Renewable Energy Explained

– This is our book that took us months and months of research to put together. It explains each type of renewable energy and shows you how you can apply each of them with only small changes in your life that result in huge changes in the environment around you and most of them can save your a bunch of money, and we all like that, right?

Zero Chemicals

Useful Green Products – This product consists of 2 separate ebooks (PDF) at around 80 pages per book. Volume 1 talks about organic options for cleaning, the kitchen and the bathroom. Volume 2 talks about organic options for beauty, bedroom, laundry and general home care.

DIY Hot Water

– This is a single 80 page ebook (PDF) that explains how to setup a solar hot water system. This is a well written ebook with plenty of other information on solar hot water systems that customers will enjoy.

My Organic Food Garden

– This book explains how to grow an organic food garden at home. We have had plenty of great feedback from this product.

Earth 4 Energy

Useful Green Products – This very popular product has been the number 1 renewable energy product since it hit the marketplace. This product consists of 7 videos and 2 pdf files that teach you everything you need to know to buy parts at the lowest cost, and calculate how much solar power you need to support part or all of your power need. Plus he throws in a book for doing the same with a home made wind powered turbine. This five you two options to power your home. The link will take you to his introductory video explaining what you’ll get in much more detail.

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2 thoughts on “Useful Green Products

    • Hi Laura,

      Sharing with everyone would be good! Don’t know if you looked yet but I’m starting to write up separate pages on key green categories on the site. I still have not worked out my exact format yet, but LED Lighting under the Green Topics tab is mostly done.

      Also, for my site I am starting up a new book series for “Online Business Practices”. The first book that I am putting the final touches on is called “Protect Yourself from Legal Claims”. I go into Limited Liability Company, Copyrights, Terms of Use and Service, Privacy Policies and Business Accounting. All of which if done correctly can protect your business.

      I’ll send you a copy that you can also pass on to your daughter. This is going to be a big seller because it contains such important topics to protect yourself and family.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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