Non Hybrid Seeds for Organic Gardening

Why Use Non Hybrid Seeds in your Garden

Non Hybrid SeedsDo you plan on growing your own garden? Do you want a higher yield of food from your hard work? Do you want healthier safe food for your family? Then this information will be important for you to consider non organic seeds for two very good reasons below.

1. Using non hybrid seeds or organic seeds ensures that the food you grow will not contain genetically altered food. Genetically altered food is a huge topic that has a consensus of not being healthy for us. Genetically Manipulated Organisms or GMO for short, have been developed in food sources by companies (Monsanto being the largest) to increase food volume, make plants more resistant to insects and droughts. (Find out more about GMO)

The bottom line is that you want safe, nutritionally filled food to eat. Non hybrid seeds or heirloom seeds provide that insurance. You can not say the same for genetically modified seeds and foods.

2. One of the key advantages of using non hybrid seeds is that they produce seeds that you can save for next years replanting. This means you do not need to buy additional seeds every year.

Genetically altered seeds and food produce seeds as well, however when used for re-planting will not produce the same yield. This means that each year you re-plant from them, the less food and extra seeds you’ll get and you will have to buy more seeds.

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Non Hybrid Seeds – Advantage in your Greenhouse

Having your own greenhouse is a good idea to ensure the food you grow is safe from predators. Cute little bunnies and insects do not help your garden. The greenhouse helps protect your garden from these little pests.

Likewise the greenhouse will help protect plants from cross pollination between your non hybrid seeds and other hybrid plants in your neighborhood. This ensures that you will continue to have a safe non hybrid seeds source for years to come.

Non Hybrid Seeds – Conclusion

Non hybrids seeds will provide a safe food source. Non hybrid seeds will produce seeds for replanting of your garden each year. Having your own greenhouse can help provide a higher food and seed yield by protecting you food from predators and cross pollination from genetically altered plants.

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