Recycle Your Household Goods

Recycle – Donating Your Household Goods

RecycleRecycle – Did you know that you can recycle by writing-off the value of charitable items on your taxes? Yes this is true, but please consult your your tax preparer for details in your particular situation.

It is unbelievable that in the United States we throw away perfectly good items every day instead of recycling or giving them to others. Did you know that the U.S. is know as the throw away society around the  world? We have been so blessed Continue reading

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Environment – Make Sound Decisions

Environment – Make Sound Decisions – WE JUST BOUGHT A NEW CAR!

Environment - Making Sound DecisionsMaking Sound Decisions for the environment was not even thought of when this truck was built. No, this is not our new car. Actually I would love this old truck to fix up and apply the new technologies that are available today. This old truck did not have a computer, fuel injection, disc breaks, probably no automatic transmission, no locking rear end, no alternator, no radial tires, no seat belts and no synthetic oils. All of these technologies were developed well after this truck existed.

The old truck probably got around 12 mpg. By applying even one of the technologies I listed the fuel mileage would go up. By using environmental sound decisions and applying all of them would drastically change the ride, stopping ability and overall performance of the truck. This would double the fuel mileage and provide much improved safety to the individuals riding in the vehicle.

Environment – Make Sound Decisions

My wife and I came to the conclusion that we needed a new car for traveling when we retire. Being we try to live our lives to lesson our impact on the environment, we of course were looking at environmentally friendly options. We believe that you do not have to go overboard going green. We just make reasonable, common sense decisions that makes sense for us financially and within our means. So make sound decisions with the environment. They are in play all the time for us. Continue reading

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Going Green with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Hydrogen Powered Car

Hydrogen Fuel CellsDoes the idea of a hydrogen fuel cell powered car sound futuristic? In fact, the technology is not only available, but has already been used to produce the first hydrogen powered car. In June 2008, Honda released its first hydrogen fuel cell powered car intended for mass production. But what are hydrogen fuel cells? Are they really better for the environment? How much do they cost? Will we want to rush out an buy one?

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell has been around longer than you think. Hydrogen fuel cells have been around since 1839, invented by William Robert Grove. This is only 39 years after the voltaic battery was first created by Alessandro Volto. Too bad that materials that Grove used were unstable and public interest dwindled. Can you imagine where the technology was pursued way back then?

It wasn’t until NASA revived the technology in the 1960s for use on manned space flights. Hydrogen Fuel Cells are quiet, clean and reliable and produce water as a by-product. So NASA developed the fuels cells as the ideal supply of both power and drinking water for the astronauts. In electrolysis mode, the discovered the added benefits of producing breathable oxygen and hydrogen for rocket fuel. Cool Right? A Go Green Space Program.

Continue reading

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Green Shopping 101

Green Shopping – Common Sense

Green ShoppingGreen Shopping is only using common sense to better health for your family. Using common sense is a must if you want to lead a green lifestyle. Always keep in mind to go green shopping for grocery your groceries as well as any other shopping you need to do. If you combine shopping for clothes and other item, then do your grocery shopping you save time and money by making only one trip into town instead of several trips. Here are some tips and suggestions for making your supermarket experience as green as possible. Continue reading

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Home Air Quality for Your Family

Home Air Quality – Clean Up the Air In Your Home

Home Air QualityHome Air Quality – In our chemical-laden world, indoor air pollution is a real problem, especially in the winter when doors and windows are shut. While it’s good to decrease energy costs by sealing leaks and drafts, an air-tight home can harbor very poor air.  Carpet and wallpaper adhesives, particleboard / chipboard, and other building materials can emit (or “off-gas”) chemicals into the air. Even those who do not typically suffer from asthma and allergies can benefit from cleaner indoor air; it’s just better for everyone. Here are some tips for getting the best quality indoor air in your home. Continue reading

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