Recycle Your Household Goods

Recycle – Donating Your Household Goods

RecycleRecycle – Did you know that you can recycle by writing-off the value of charitable items on your taxes? Yes this is true, but please consult your your tax preparer for details in your particular situation.

It is unbelievable that in the United States we throw away perfectly good items every day instead of recycling or giving them to others. Did you know that the U.S. is know as the throw away society around the  world? We have been so blessed in America that we are now taking things for granted. This has not always been case in the U.S. During our history we were innovators of using our resources to the fullest. I can remember taking a bath in shared bath water. We had six kids in my family and when we were little we took turns cleaning up in the same bath water then spraying off to rinse. Recycle Water.

Of course hand me down clothes were the norm back then. Top to bottom through all of us kids in the family and then onto the neighbor kids. The same for our bikes, sleds, and cars. Recycle clothes, bikes, sleds, cars and anything else you can think of.

It seems in recent times that we are considered “low on the totem pole” or “underneath society” if we have used items. But I know a few very well to do families that have always shopped at thrift stores, flee markets and garage sales saving a tremendous amount of money every year of their adult lives. So maybe it is time to reconsider our thinking in our current economic situation we have in America. Recycle and save money.

An Excellent way to save money and “be green” is to reuse items that are not brand new. This goes both ways. You can shop at thrift stores for used items. (Some items are just like new!) You can sell your used items for cash to get a bit of spending money. But I think a good thing to do for your local community is to donate your items to charities in your area. There are food banks, thrift stores and the like all across our nation. I’ll bet there is one or more in your town too.

Children’s Charity Ministry – Recycle

One charity that I have recently been involved with is located in Harrison, Arkansas. Harrison is a town of around 12,000 people and pretty average for wages earned by national standards. But in all cities and towns across America, budgets are tight and cuts are being made.

Candra Conway and a few of her friends decided they wanted to do something for the community children, so they started Children’s Charity Ministry. They involve children to be volunteers to help needy children in their community. First is is an all volunteer, not for profit organization (waiting for their 501.c.3 status to be approved). It used to be run out of people houses or where ever they could meet.

They started by putting lunches together for kids, then added hygiene packages, helped where they could when fires hit families or an emergency car repair. They still do all of this work, but have now opened a thrift store which provides space for physical donations and a place for the kids to put the help packages together. At this time they are up to almost 10,000 meals per month. They pack lunches and put them in backpacks for needy children so they can eat over the weekend.

They have also teamed up with: the local fire department to help victims of home fires, local churches for support and for helping a wider area of people in need.

I know that they are in the process of upgrading their web site because I am building it. I consider it an investment into the community that I plan to retire in, in the near future. I will be very much involved when I finally move, but I will be involved as much as I can from afar for now.

Recycle – Help your Community

So please find a charitable organizations that is making a difference in your area. Provide what you have for their needs and get your tax deductible receipt for your year end donation to the government. Wouldn’t you rather give donations to organizations that spend their resources wisely.

Donate, save money, go green, and feel good about helping your community. It’s easy!

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