What is bad about recycling paper?

Recycling paper saves energy, reduces pollution, preserves trees and conserves landfill space, but it is a messy process that uses caustic chemicals and produces harmful byproducts and emissions. And that is what bad about recycling that no one have ever thought about it. The industry is making strides in the development of more earth-friendly techniques, …

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Green Shopping 101

If you want to lead a green lifestyle, don’t forget to go green with your grocery shopping. Here are some tips and suggestions for making your supermarket experience as green as possible. Let’s enjoy Green Shopping 101. 1. Cloth bags Most grocery stores sell these for a low price. If not, simply use your own …

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E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste is electronics that are no longer being used and must disposed of. This consists of things like monitors, keyboards, phones, batteries and all other sorts of electronics. All these electronics must go somewhere and too often they are disposed of improperly in places like landfills. Recycling this e-waste is one way to not only …

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